Jury Research

JurySmith™ Jury Reports - $35 a Juror

TrialSmith's new Jury Research System, JurySmith, was designed and developed by plaintiff lawyers exclusively for the plaintiff bar. JurySmith juror reports consist of a comprehensive public records search that includes voting history and federal political contributions for every juror. JurySmith reveals public records, information obtained through credit headers and data from social media sites, search engines and news services.

Rapid Profiles on all Jurors in 60 Minutes
Since many courts limit voir dire, JurySmith was designed to give you profiles in 60 minutes. Simply call us at 800-443-1757 to schedule time with one of our JurySmith researchers, fax or e-mail us your jury lists and we will provide you with complete reports on each juror in under an hour.

Comprehensive National Database
JurySmith provides reports in every state with in-depth databases and sources. (Learn Details About our Databases)

Toll-Free Customer Support
Have questions about JurySmith, or wish to order reports for a panel of jurors? Contact one of our JurySmith research experts at 800-443-1757, or e-mail us at support@trialsmith.com