Custom Reports

Prepared On-Demand

On-Demand Custom Reports

These TrialSmith reports have been developed by lawyers, and are prepared on-demand by researchers using third-party databases and sources.  

Expert Daubert Challenge Study

This report is prepared on-demand by skilled researchers with a real-time summary of known gatekeeping cases and outcomes where an expert was challenged.  The custom research includes databases and sources beyond TrialSmith. (Learn More)

Expert Comprehensive Profile Report

This is our most comprehensive on-demand report for an expert. Our researchers are trained to use a vareity of sources and databases to prepare a complete report on any expert. (Learn More)

Juror Reports for Entire Jury Panel

When you need complete background reports on a jury panel within a half-hour, provide your juror list and our researchers will send a comprehensive PDF report on each panelist in minutes. (Learn More)

Public Record Background Checks

Looking for a complete background report for a specific person? This report gives you a person's complete profile. (Learn More)

ORDER MEDICAL Articles On-Demand

Need an article from Medline? Just search, see the price and get delivery in a couple of hours.  Start with searching by author or topic, then click to order and receive articles. (Search and Order)

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