History of TrialSmith

The Plaintiff is Our Exclusive Focus

Created by plaintiff lawyers, we provide unique investigative and collaborative tools that help plaintiff lawyers investigate experts. Insurance companies and defense attorneys are strictly prohibited. To view our membership license agreement, Click Here.

DepoConnect™, Our Predecessor Operation

DepoConnect was launched by the Texas Trial Lawyers Association in December, 1997 as a specialized database of expert depositions from trial lawyers nationally.  The site gave plaintiff lawyers a new way to quickly share litigation documents, making them fully searchable, reducing time and costs. Moreover, it was designed exclusively as a private network for plaintiff lawyers to better serves their cases and clients.

Partnerships with Trial Lawyer Associations

By 1999, DepoConnect was a recognized success by trial lawyers, and 48 trial lawyer associations joined the effort to create the largest database available for expert witness investigations, exclusively for plaintiffs.

DepoConnect Becomes TrialSmith™ in 2000

In 2000, TrialSmith was incorporated as a subsidiary of Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and was separately funded to expand services and tools to support the plaintiff bar. Today, 78 trial lawyer associations and litigation groups in North America utilize TrialSmith services.

TrialSmith Integrates Association Web Sites & Private Databases

In 2004, TrialSmith began integrating its documents and litigation databases directly with trial lawyer association Web sites, providing single-search access to list server archives, depositions, Daubert challenges, disciplinary actions, and connection with plaintiff lawyers who have personal experience with hundreds of thousands of experts. Today, TrialSmith hosts more than 48 trial lawyer association Web sites, integrated with TrialSmith's databases and list server archives. The nation's largest litigation groups are also integrated with TrialSmith. 

Our Exclusive Sponsors Pledge Their Support for the Plaintiff Bar

A major source of funding for TrialSmith's litigation bank, document databases and trial lawyer list servers is provided exclusively by Counsel Financial. 



Company Highlights

  • TrialSmith was the first company in the United States to offer an on-line deposition bank with full text search capabilities in 1997 under it's original name DepoConnect.com.
  • TrialSmith is the largest on-line litigation bank on the Internet with more than 585,000 expert depositions.
  • More than 12 million database items help plaintiff lawyers investigate experts.
  • TrialSmith is restricted exclusively to qualified plaintiff lawyers.
  • All documents contributed to TrialSmith are controlled by the Trial Lawyer Document Assurance Corporation (TLDAC). TLDAC ensures that all documents are used exclusively by plaintiff lawyers.
  • TrialSmith is a national sponsor of the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives.