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Our free Paper to PDF program and our exclusive dedication to the plaintiff bar is the driving factor behind TrialSmith's success. We'll accept your boxes of expert testimony and convert each transcript into searchable PDF format, and we'll share your transcripts only with plaintiff lawyers.  Plaintiff lawyers have contributed more than 300,000 depositions and more than 12,000 court documents to TrialSmith's database, and we add approximately 4,000 new documents each month.

Key Benefits Save You Time and Money
Contributing your depositions to TrialSmith gives your firm on-line access 24/7 to a fully searchable database of your transcripts, and you can simultaneously access TrialSmith's national database. As an added incentive, TrialSmith gives you a $5 document purchase credit for every deposition you send.

  • Help your colleagues level the playing field with the defense
  • Convert your old deposition transcripts into full text searchable PDFs free
  • Reduce your storage costs by creating a free on-line archive for your firm
  • Contribute your documents and support your local trial lawyer association
  • Security tracking helps you know which plaintiff lawyers have accessed your documents
  • Earn a $5 document purchase credit for every deposition you contribute
  • Your purchase credits are automatically deducted when you buy other lawyers' documents 

Learn How to Send Your Transcripts
Why not put your depositions to work for the plaintiff bar? Simply box up your transcripts and send them to TrialSmith, or email each new transcript to

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