How to Send Us your Juror information.

Send Us Your Juror Information
We'll Prepare Reports for You!

Did you receive your jury lists only minutes before trial? Would you like in-depth juror profiles prepared by one of our JurySmith research assistants? We can provide in-depth reports on each juror in 60 minutes. Call us at 800-443-1757 to let us know you are sending your jury panel, and then fill out the form below to submit your juror information.

Jury panel reports are $17 per juror.
We will bill your TrialSmith account for the final amount.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Call us at 800-443-1757 to alert us of your case
  • Fill out the form below and attach your juror list
  • OR fax your juror information to our researchers at 866-270-8258
  • Within 60 minutes, TrialSmith will fax or e-mail your completed juror reports (Note: You must call ahead to let us know of your submission)