National Deposition Drive

Earn Amazon Gift Cards - No Limit


Between now and Dec 1st, 2019, simply sign-up to receive Amazon Cash when you send Expert Depositions from your archive  ... whether you took them, or found them in your research, you'll earn credit for all new depositions:

Amazon Cash Gift Card Credits apply only if you send your depositions by December 1, 2019!!  Here are the rules:

  • $4 Amazon Gift Card for EACH new expert deposition taken in the last 4 years.
  • $2 Amazon Gift Card for EACH new expert deposition taken more than 4 years ago.
  • Amazon Credits apply only to transcripts not already contributed to TrialSmith's database.
  • We also accept any expert depositions you've found in your research - you still get credit!
  • All transcripts will be added to your free online archive - there will never be a charge to access your contributed depositions.

You must Sign Up to Receive Amazon Gift Cards for depositions

By default, you'll receive purchase credits of up to $15 per deposition. However, if you prefer Amazon Cash in lieu of credits - just complete our online form and make sure you send your depositions before Dec 1, 2019. Questions, call 800-443-1757. 

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