Litigation Groups

Private Databases

Private Document Banks & Databases For Litigation Groups & Sections

TrialSmith provides litigation groups with customized document databases, file sharing tools, list servers, Web sites and other tools useful for exchanging information in litigation work. For assistance, please call 800-443-1757.

Private Litigation Documents and Databases
Each litigation group can customize and develop their own document database giving lawyers of the litigation group access to a secure, online and searchable respository.  Members can easily upload groups of documents to the site, and group members can edit and annotate document information.

Single Search Integration with TrialSmith's Database
Litigation groups benefit from full integration with TrialSmith's Database.  That means a single search of the litigation group's private database will include all documents from TrialSmith. Single Search Access is the key to quick identification of documents.

Private List Servers and Forums
Each litigation group can create its own private list servers.  The list server is competely controlled and managed by the litigation group. All messages and attachments are securely archived and searchable only by the litigation group.

Document Indexing, Archiving and Scanning
TrialSmith can assist with scanning paper document respositories, organizing the documents in a database, and making them fully searchable at the litigation group Website.

Daily Litigation News Service
TrialSmith provides each litigation group with weekly news updates covering the group's specific field of litigation.

Professional Services and Research Support
TrialSmith provides research and information specialist services for your litigation group. This focuses staff development of your document database, training for group members, participation at group meetings, and collection of litigation documents from group members.