TrialSmith’s New
Corporate Knowledge Map

Comprehensive Corporate Reports Prepared by Professional Researchers
Do you need in-depth data on a corporation and its employees? Order a Corporate Knowledge Map Report from TrialSmith. Each report maps out a 360-degree view of any corporation, its employees and related businesses and individuals. Our researchers mine the largest private and public databases available to compile each report, including open record requests from local, state and national agencies.

Features Include...

  • Transcripts & Depositions available for purchase
  • Case Law, Motions & Disciplinary Actions
  • Background Reports on company and known employees
  • Filings & Industry Violations
  • Extensive Reports on Related Individuals & Businesses
  • Corporate Documents, Litigation & Liens
  • References in news, blogs, social networks

*Note: Deposition documents are not included in the report, but are easily available for purchase.

Delivery Period and Service Fee
The report is $650 with a final report ready in 12 business days; expedited options are available.* Documents, when available, are priced separately and you may select which documents you wish to order from your expert researcher. Other pricing options are:

  • Expedited (5 business days) - $850
  • Rush (2 business days) - $1,000

*Open Record Request information will not be available on Expedited and Rush reports. 

Questions and Support
Please call TrialSmith at 800-443-1757. We can tell you more about the report, place your order, or check the status of your report.