Deposition Pricing

Share Your Depositions, Reduce Your Costs

help us impeach the defense experts

We depend on plaintiff lawyers to share their depositions with TrialSmith's plaintiff-only network. Lawyers who contribute earn up to $15 in credit for each new transcript, allowing them to download free transcripts or reduce their costs.

What's the Cost to download A Depo?

Depositions are free to read online for Pro-Plan Members, and $28 to $40 only when you decide to download a copy. The download cost is variable depending on our costs to acquire the transcript. 

Can I Avoid Paying for Depositions?

Yes!! Most lawyers avoid paying any fees by sharing their firm's depositions with TrialSmith. The more you send, the more credit you earn. Just send them in, and we'll do the work.  (Learn how to Send Transcripts)

How Do I earn PurchASE credits?

First, send us all your expert transcripts, even those you've found or obtained elsewhere. We'll add $5 to $15 for each new expert transcript (experts, doctors, corporate reps). You'll see the credits when you check out, and credits are automatically deducted from your download order. (Learn how to Send Transcripts)

New Transcripts - more credit

Credits add up fast if you train paralegals to send every new expert transcript to  New transcripts give you the most credit (up to $15 each). Credits never expire, and you'll always have free access to your transcripts. (Learn how to Send Transcripts). 

Join and Read depositions online before you buy

Joining TrialSmith gives you carte-blanche access to instantly read transcripts online, including jumping to search terms within depositions, all without having to pay to download each transcript. (Learn More About Membership)