Juror Profile Reports

JurySmith Juror Reports

JurySmith utilizes numerous databases, credit headers and other records to prepare separate reports for each juror. All data is summarized in a single searchable PDF report for each juror, organized with quick links, and containing an entity and name index at the end of each juror report which helps you check for known relationships to businesses, entities and persons. 

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Please note:  If you wish to order only a few background reports, please use our Background Check Report

Each separate juror report contains the following information:

Subject Information

Known names and aliases, social security numbers, others with shared social security numbers, mobile and land line phones, known email addresses and indicators for bankruptcies, liens, judgments, properties, corporate affiliations and criminal/traffic violations.

Criminal History

State and federal criminal record matches based on matches of Name, Date of Birth, Address and other factors.

Possible Employers

Report of known or former employers.

Historical Address Summary and Details

Known prior addresses and associated dates along with detailed information  including purchase date, assessed value, square feet, and photos of property.

Cities History and Counties History

Known cities and counties, and date ranges where subject has lived.

Driver's License Information

Known driver's licenses, numbers, issue dates, registered DOBs, issuing states.

Professional Affiliations

Known affiliations with professional organizations.

Professional Licenses

Known professional licenses that have been issued to subject.

Bankruptcy Records

All known bankruptcies related to subject.


All known liens related to subject.


All known judgments related to subject.

Current and Past Property Deeds and Property Assessments

All current and prior property deeds and assessments related to subject.


Known evictions of subject.

Current & Prior Vehicle Information

Current and prior subject vehicles, value, tags, dates and photos of vehicle.

US Business Affiliations

All known affiliations with businesses.

UCC Filings

All known UCC Filings related to subject.

US Corporate Affiliations

All known corporate affiliations of subject.

Aircraft & Pilot Records

All known air craft and pilot licenses related to subject.

Voter Registration

Voter registration records including registration history.

Hunting and Weapon Permits

All known hunting and weapon permits related to subject.

Possible Relatives

All known possible relatives related to subject.

Likely Associates

Other persons likely associated with subject.

Possible Associates

All other persons possibly related or associated with subject.

Neighbors and Phones

Known current neighbors and phones.