JurySmith Features and Tools

TrialSmith's new Jury Research System, JurySmith, was designed and developed by plaintiff lawyers exclusively for the plaintiff bar. JurySmith gives you instant access to background data on jurors.

A Strategic Advantage in the Voir Dire Process
JurySmith reveals public records, information obtained through credit headers and data from other sources.

40 Juror Reports in Only 60 Minutes
Since many courts limit voir dire, JurySmith was designed to give you profiles in 30-60 minutes.

A Streamlined Juror ID Process
Simply fax your juror list to TrialSmith. Our team can easily identify jurors online using juror details such as city, state and age or birthdate. Within moments you have the full report for each juror.

Comprehensive National Database
JurySmith provides reports in every state with in-depth databases and sources. (Learn Details About our Databases)

We Can Prepare Reports for You
Our JurySmith research experts can prepare comprehensive reports for your entire jury pannel in an hour. Reports are $35 per juror, and you can submit your jury lists online.

Toll Free Support and Law Firm Demonstrations
JurySmith is backed by our highly recognized support team at TrialSmith. Call us at 800-443-1757 if you have any questions.