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Order Juror Reports - Only $35 Each
How To Place Your Order
  1. Schedule the Jury Research:  First, email support@trialsmith.com to schedule the research. Provide your contact information, date and time of your voir dire.  We will have a research team standing by to perform the research and send you the results.   Services are provided Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CDT; earlier or later hours can be scheduled.
  2. Decide Which Panelists to Investigate:  You may wish to run reports only on the first 12 panelists, or any subset of the panel. Be sure to include this in your request. The minimum order is 12 panelists. For single reports, click here
  3. Send Your Jury List As Soon As You Receive It:  The jury list should be sent to support@trialsmith.com, or from a court house you can send a toll free fax to 866-270-8258.
  4. Please Provide Complete Details on Each Juror:  The jury list must preferrably include the Full Juror Name (First Middle Last), Address, City, St, Zip, Date of Birth and Drivers License.  If you only have a juror name, this will usually not suffice in an accurate public records search.
  5. You'll Receive Your Reports by Email or Drop Box:  Our team will email a searchable PDF report of each juror as quickly as they are prepared, starting with Juror 1.  This way you can begin reviewing juror profiles immediately. We can also provide reports via a DropBox account so that multiple members of your legal team can simultaneously view the reports during voir dire.  
  6. Reports are Non-Refundable. Due to the nature of these reports, they are non-refundable.
  7. Try Out the Report In Advance:  If you want to run a sample background report, please use our Background Check.  To learn more about what's included in each juror report, click here
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Questions About JurySmith?
Please call 800-443-1757 if you have any questions or email support@trialsmith.com