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Common Questions

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What is a List Server?

A List allows you to send a single Email question to a single Email address (The List's Email Address) and your message is instantly distributed to all trial lawyers on the List in just seconds. If you reply to a message received from a List, all members will see your response instantly.

Is a List Server Private?

Posting messages and receiving messages from a List is limited to members of the List. However, any message you send to the List is broadcast to hundreds or thousands of lawyers on that List. Keep in mind that email messages could be forwarded to inappropriate parties.

How Do I Stop List server Messages?

You can change your delivery settings to "No Mail or use the "Vacation Mail" option to stop or suspend all Email. This allows you to continue to post messages and search the valuable archives when needed, but you won't receive messages in your mailbox. Later, you can reactivate mail delivery to "Normal," and you'll start receiving messages again. Note: If you unsubscribe from a list, you will not be able to search archives, nor post messages - you will need to re-apply to the list server to join again:   Change your Settings

How Do I Search Message Archives?

All messages posted to your List Servers are fully searchable, including messages posted previously to you joining the list server. This valuable archive can be searched at or at your participating trial lawyer association Web site:  Search List Servers

How Do I Join a List?

Contact the Administrator of the List Server in order to join. Your local trial lawyer association or litigation group can get you started. You must typically complete a user agreement and obey established rules. Some Lists require a membership fee. After you join a list, you must Certify Your Email Address to be able to search list server archives, browse messages and change your settings online.

How Do I Send a Message?

Each List has a single email address (The List Address) -- any message you send to the List, including attachments, will be sent to all members of the List instantly. You may also Post a Message Online

Can I Create My Own Private List?

TrialSmith provides private lists for groups of lawyers, litigation groups and associations. Email for additional information.